Our savoir-faire

Alfred Tritant's savoir-faire

All stages leading up to the creation of champagne draw on the traditional skills handed down from generation to generation.
The Champagnes Alfred Tritant have this unique personality reflecting the exceptional Grand Cru terroir of Bouzy and Ambonnay.

Indeed, it is the combination of several criteria - noble land origins, carefully selected and cultivated vine stocks, experience, the winegrower's knowledge and finally their patience - which give our champagnes their quality and authenticity.

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A "Récoltant-Manipulant" winegrower

As "Récoltant-Manipulants", all stages of champagne making are performed at the estate with a constant search for quality:

  • the cultivation of the vines with measured care and a desire to respect the environment,
  • manual harvesting, the selection of bunches of grapes at their utmost point of ripeness,
  • a traditional press and where we keep only the best "juices",
  • the art of blending harvest wines with old wines, chardonnay and pinot noir grapes.

Once harvested and pressed, the grapes turned to wine are bottled and maintained in our cellars, dug in the limestone of Bouzy.

There, in darkness, coolness and silence, each cuvée will evolve, improve for some long years -at least three- and become the champagnes that you know and love.

Organic winegrowing

For several years now, we have been committed to responsible farming so as to reduce the environmental impact of our activity:

  • we maintain a grass ground cover,
  • we use biological pest control with sex pheromones,
  • a non-systematic synthetic treatment of the vines,
  • a biodynamic treatment of some vineyard parcels,
  • soil improvement,
  • waste repurposing.

In 2016 we gradually began, plot by plot, a conversion to organic viticulture, a conversion formally committed to since 2020 for the entire vineyard of the House.

The conversion was completed in April 2023, and our vines are now certified "Agriculture Biologique". The grapes from the 2023 harvest will be certified organic.

For a number of years now, we've been taking this approach one step further by experimenting with eco-grazing in winter, in our grass-covered vineyards, using our Ouessant breed sheep.

We are HVE certified. The audit has certified our practices for 5 years starting from the 2018 harvest. This is the highest level of this environmental certificate for French farms. The requirements are the following:

  • biodiversity of the estate,
  • low use of phytosanitary inputs and fertilizers,
  • water conservation.

This eco-responsible commitment is also implemented at the property:

  • use of cardboard champagne boxes made of responsible sources,
  • use of gift boxes made of 80% recycled fibers, 100% recyclable,
  • recycling of glassine, cork, bidule, crown caps and plastic packaging cover (for pallets of empty bottles),
  • our gîte La Mandelette is listed in the "Partir Ecolo" theme of CléVacances.

Bouzy's Académie du Vin

Bouzy Rouge - AOC Coteaux Champenois is a world-renowned gentle wine. It is part of the heritage of French wines and stands out for its delicacy and bouquet.

Bouzy's Académie du Vin was created in 1992 with the objective of maintaining the quality traditions of the most famous wine within the Coteaux Champenois AOC: Bouzy Rouge. A strict charter lists the regulations which every member must follow in order to produce this very particular wine:

  • a selection of the best parcels of Bouzy only on very good years,
  • a thorough selection of the grapes,
  • personalised vinification, etc.

In 2016, a special bottle was created by and for the Academy members, with the stamp of Bouzy on the front, the Academy's symbol of a rooster, and a "Coteaux Champenois" mark at the bottom of the bottle.

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