Champagne Parce Que
Champagne Mon Essentiel

Champagne Mes racines

Gourmandise & Minerality


Served at 9-10°C, this champagne can be served as an aperitif. For a meal, it will be perfect with white meat.


Capacity half bottle (37,5cl), bottle (0,75l).

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The golden yellow robe is harmonious. The brilliantly white foam that forms remains in the glass for a long time, prolonging the visual spectacle.


The nose, initially toasted, quickly evolves towards more citrus notes, honey and cinnamon. As the tasting progresses, a more gourmand nose, orange zest, takes over.


The attack in the mouth, with a nice roundness, is rather soft. Then, the greedy side of the blend takes over. As for the finish, it is a subtle blend of rich minerality and beautiful acidity, ending on a lemony note.


TerroirBouzy and Ambonnay (from the Montagne de Reims)
Grape-varieties2/3 Pinot Noir, 1/3 Chardonnay
Years2019 + previous years
Vinificationin tank, malolactic fermentation
Bottling28 July 2020
Dosagearound 8g/l

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